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The Music Walk Of Fame is a global attraction that engages music lovers via cutting edge virtual technology from its physical home in Camden – the epicentre of music creativity for over 80 years.

Stretching from Chalk Farm to Mornington Crescent, The Music Walk Of Fame is the world’s only immersive and experiential awards programme heralding International Icons, Influencers and Industry figures and Innovators as well as Unsung Heroes along with the Artists Of The Year; using AR technology to bring the inductees to life.

The Music Walk Of Fame recipients are selected by key international industry figures side by side with the fans, and celebrate with interactive stones set into dedicated pedestrianised areas of Camden Town. Their unveiling is accompanied by a selection of high-profile events.

The highest accolade in music, a stone on the Music Walk Of Fame will be celebrated all over the world via the app. Unique money can’t buy live experiences at the Walk’s home in Camden will provide the Walk with moments in music that are truly unique.



A series of commemorative stones will be placed in the streets of Camden Town; the heartbeat of London’s music scene, an ever evolving cultural epicentre that attracts in excess of 15 million annual visitors. In the coming years the walk will be created, stretching from Chalk Farm to Mornington Crescent celebrating Camden as the ever-morphing focus for popular entertainment. It began over 100 years ago in 1900 At The Hippodrome, a venue that has since housed Arthur Lloyd, PG Wodehouse, Husker Du, The B52s, Specials, Killing Joke, Duran Duran and a benefit night for Sid Vicious, the Camden experience goes on…

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the app 

Developed by app specialists Second Screen, the Music Walk Of Fame app will bring the streets of Camden Town to life by embracing the latest technology and turning Camden's streets into the world’s first ‘Augmeum’ (augmented reality museum). Utilising augmented reality (AR), the app will bring the stones, buildings and the history of Camden to life using unique imagery and video content. Maps and information about the walk and its inductees will all be set to a perfect audio soundtrack.



THE Awards 

The recipients of the stones will be decided by an international voting panel comprising of musicians, press and key music industry figures, as well as local figures, plus representation from Camden Council. In addition there will also be two public votes, one celebrating new music talent. Details of the panel members will be announced in the Spring of 2019.

the Music Walk of Fame PANEL