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The Music Walk Of Film arm launches in 2019 with its debut documentary ‘Camden – You Are Here’, a celebration of the three venues that rule as one and mark out the route of the walk, from The Roundhouse in the north to Koko in the South, via The Electric Ballroom that celebrates 80 years in 2018 - plus the myriad of smaller venues that have housed a host of scenes and have been home to the area’s personalities, all celebrating an area that must be built on music Ley lines.


Over two square miles stretching from Chalk Farm in the north to Mornington Crescent at its southern tip, Camden is a melting pot of creativity, an ever-morphing focus for popular entertainment, which began in 1900 At The Hippodrome, a venue that has since housed Arthur Lloyd, PG Wodehouse, Husker Du, The B52s, Specials, Killing Joke, Duran Duran and a benefit night for Sid Vicious.


Embracing Camden Lock’s market stalls, rehearsal spaces and legendary venues, Madness-approved Indian restaurants and barber’s trapped in the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll, this swirling miasma of attitude and excitement remains the vibrant core of pop culture. Soundtracked by rare 45s, bootlegs and obscure US imports, punctuated by the rattle of emerging new genres, Camden has seen it all and been the catalyst of how it unfolded.


The fabric of modern music was woven in many a smoke-filled bar in the vicinity, from The Beatles, Stones, Dylan and Floyd through to The Ramones, Clash, Culture Club, Pogues, Soul II Soul, Madness, Madonna, Prince, Blur, Oasis, Kanye, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Skrillex, Kylie, Wolf Alice and Amy Winehouse, Camden has been the backdrop for seismic changes, the effects of which have been heard around the world.


The epicenter of music, this mystical place is bordered at the north by the Roundhouse, to the south by the transient Koko (once Camden Palace and before that The Music Machine and much earlier the aforementioned Hippodrome), while its central pivot is The Electric Ballroom, equidistant between the two. These three venues to rule them all.


With a plethora of associated live locales – Dingwalls, the Brecknock, Underworld, Dublin Castle – a host of legendary label headquarters – Stiff, Blue Horizon, Food – Camden is a generation-spanning hub of music – with shops run by Prince and Soul II Soul, it has long been a rite of passage experience for any music-obsessed individual.


Camden – You Are Here unlocks the story of this legendary area, concentrating on the development of its music scene from the music hall days through to the early incarnation of The Electric Ballroom and its penchant for Irish Show bands and its legendary owner Bill Fuller, through the Roundhouse’s Sunday afternoon happenings with Pink Floyd followed by the eruption of punk, Camden Palace’s new romantic era and Britpop’s pub of choice The Good Mixer. Along the way The Clash rehearse at the Lock, Wings and Zeppelin at the Electric Ballroom, The Pogues are invented in The Devonshire Arms, Prince opens his own shop and the Ballroom hosts George Ezra and Napalm Death (not on the same night). In Camden, careers are invented and cultivated.


Everyone has a Camden moment.